NYC: 6 hotels + 18 Days
New York City, USA
NYC: 6 hotels + 18 Days
by Rachel Scatton

Some people cringe at the thought of switching hotels during their stay. And then there are some (like me) who love exploring new properties, comparing the upsides, downsides, the service to the non-service, the toiletry labels, the linens, room square footage, bathroom configuration, views, dining options, neighborhoods, and anything else that comes to mind. There are so many pieces to the perfect-hotel-stay puzzle and since customization is Sorted Travel’s #1 priority, we feel that matching a hotel property to our clients’ preferences is key. After mapping out six hotels in 18 days for a client who frequents New York on business and is “shopping” for her “go-to” hotel, we asked our hotel-hopping sweetheart to please share some of her feedback. Here is a peek into The Gramercy Park Hotel, Trump Soho, The Surrey, The Mercer, The James New York and The Smyth.

Nov. 26, 2012

2 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10010 

UPSIDES: The breakfast here was by far the best of any other hotel; Bread Pudding French Toast on their gorgeous leafy terrace = bliss. Amazing bath products; LE LABO Bergamot shower gel and Davines shampoo (replenished daily!). DOWNSIDE: The rooms are in desperate need of an update. Worn carpets, spotty cable television service and, unfortunately, there are not nearly enough available outlets for the average business traveler. The lobby staff seemed to have a bit of an air of ‘above it all’ which was slightly off-putting.

20 East 76th Street between 5th Avenue and Madison, New York, NY 10021 

A very different feel as its located on the Upper East Side as opposed to downtown Manhattan. They have done a good job of infusing a chic aesthetic to the hotel using artwork. A much more spacious room with lots of natural light. Plenty of outlets and master switch. Overall I loved it! I do wish there were more tubs, specifically in their entry-level salons. Fantastic custom bath products.

246 Spring Street between Varick and Sixth Avenue, New York, NY 10013

They have a master ‘wake up’ and ‘good night’ switch by the bed, which is AWESOME and controls all the lights and drapes in the room. The top floors have the best view but it means waiting longer for an elevator ride down and likely having to stop on multiple floors. Not such a big deal when you’re sharing that elevator with an A-list actress.. Paparazzi often linger outside which makes you feel like a celeb… Except when they totally ignore you! Tubs are great - ask for one of the rooms with the bathroom window and have a total ‘lost in translation’ experience.

27 Grand Street between Avenue Of The Americas & Thompson Street New York, NY 10013

Perfect Soho location. Simple and clean aesthetic. Loved the fresh baked cookies in the lobby at night! And Jimmy on the rooftop was great. Rooms have lots of natural light with huge floor to ceiling windows and gorgeous views on higher floors. Love that they have an electric kettle in each room for us tea drinkers. Great room service/breakfast at David Burke Kitchen - amazing fresh juices!!

147 Mercer Street at Prince, New York, NY 10012

Another perfect Soho location - right in the mix of it all. Spent a bit of time doing work in the lobby wher i noticed they have an amazing collection of coffee table books and magazines. Very cozy. Rooms are small and basic. Could use some art work or something to liven them up but I guess that’s part of the look. The electrical outlet situation is not great here. There was one behind the TV which meant unplugging some things and then one by the door which meant needing to unplug my computer from charging every time the door opened! Room service was very good as was breakfast.

85 West Broadway between Chambers and Warren, New York, NY 10007

Amazing huge soaking tub. Loved the simple modern aesthetic of the bathroom. The woman we checked in with was pretty unfriendly but everyone else at the hotel was very sweet, young and good looking(a plus). Similar to Gramercy Park Hotel, the Smyth has a distinct smell when you walk in,  as if someone is running a bubble bath nearby. This was very comforting as it was the end of my trip and I was feeling extra run down. Loved Tiny’s and the great restaurant options nearby. I hadn’t spent much time in Tribeca so it was fun being in a new area. Getting a cab was never much of a problem.

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