Turks & Caicos
Turks and Caicos, Turks and Caicos Islands
Turks & Caicos
by Rachel Scatton, Sorted Founder

Usually around October is when Matt and I begin planning our escape from the misery that is Winter. We decided on Turks and Caicos because it’s a quick, direct flight from NYC and we had never been before. Everything we read about it sounded like a perfect fit for our beach-starved souls.

May 04, 2012

Everything we read is/was 100% true. Picture perfect beaches, gorgeous weather and the sunsets! The moments when the sky turns from orange to red to purple to blue: incredible.

PLS has a rooftop lounge with music that you can have drinks at if your departing flight is delayed - we took full advantage the day we left.
In order to see all of Provo, I definitely recommend renting a car. We rented from Caicos Wheels. They were fabulous but please know before you go: drive on the left side of the road!

There is a beautiful beach that you can snorkel off of called Coral Gardens. You can rent equipment right there and they have a cute little tiki bar/restaurant called Somewhere. We spent our 2nd day here, exploring the reefs and making friends with the bartenders at Somewhere.  We decided our favorite restaurant was Mango Reef at the Alexandra Resort. It sits right on the beach and you can tell that the food is made with love <3 One of the chefs is Filipino! We ate almost all of our meals here. Everything we ordered was delicious. The menu changes but the Vietnamese Chicken Salad and the Coconut Shrimp I will remember forever.

Safety tip:
Do not wear jewelry while snorkeling! Barracudas are attracted to sparkly jewels(so scary). Also, Iguanas like red painted toenails. I learned this from the tour guide while on Iguana Island, complete with toes painted red.  

Nightlife tip:
There is close to none! I remembered that there was a Nikki Beach in Provo, thinking we might be able to get our party on there. When I asked about it, I learned it’s now closed because it went bankrupt due to major corruption. I became obsessed with the story. The property now lurks in the distance like a big haunted, deserted “if these walls could talk” hotel! I kept trying to take a good picture of it. There is a gorgeous restaurant/bar/pool called Las Brisas (they don’t have a website), we rented kayaks and had drinks at their bar. Drinking + kayaking = fun. This is Las Brisas and the surrounding water you kayak in, it’s really shallow and calm.

My top three property recommendations in Providenciales:

This is where we stayed! A friend of ours recommended and it was FABULOUS! We had a beautiful 2 bedroom suite for under 200USD per night. There is no restaurant and no Concierge desk. It is more of a collection of private condos. I was a little nervous at first because I love “being taken care of” at hotels but after the 1st day, I was in love. You definitely need a car if you stay here and it is by no means a full-service resort. There is a gorgeous pool and they have just opened a Jazz Club on property.

Gorgeous, right on the beach! Pool club, great amenities and child-friendly. Jetsetter just featured them and if for no other reason, stay there because Mango Reef is their restaurant!

This is a secluded, five star, magical paradise. It has its own private beach, villas and spa. I could spend a few days here but I personally prefer to be around people and “life”. It’s a bit too quiet for me but breathtakingly beautiful and impeccable service. 

Until next time, Turks & Caicos. Thank you for having us.